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no it doesnt

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What mineral is easily soluble in water at room temperature?

Rock salt is a mineral that is easily soluble in room temperature water.

Why does baking soda change water temperature?

water temperature does not change but taste will change

How does the temperature of water change as how does the temperature of water change as the bulls it boils?

The teamperature does not change

How does the specific heat of a substance related to temperature change?

A substance with a high specific heat will easily change temperature.

What should you do when introducing a fish to a new temperature of water?

Have them get used to the new temperature change. i did a science fair project over water temperature on the breathing rate of goldfish and i had to change the water temperature many times. Stay in the temperature range of 65-75 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to not mess with the fish or tap on the tank because goldfish get stressed out very easily and can die from it.

How can you change liquid water into a solid or a gas?

You can you change liquid water into a solid (ice) by lowering its temperature. You can you change liquid water into a gas (water vapor) by raising its temperature.

Will salt change the temperature of food?

Not significantly, but it will change the temperature that water boils at.

Why doesnt the coffee powder easily dissolved in cold water?

it doesnt easily dissolved on a cold water because of its temperature

Does water change its temperature easily?

No it doesn't. Water has a very high heat capacity so it both gains and loses heat slowly compared to many other substances.

What must be true for water to change temperature?

Energy, in the form of heat, must be added to water to change it's temperature.

What are things that change water temperatures?

for example :ice can change the temperature of water

Can wind change the temperature of water?

Yes, winds can change the tempertaure of water.

How does water help cells keep an even temperature despite temperature changes in the environment?

Water has a high specific heat. It takes a lot of energy to raise one gram of water up one degree Celcius, and therfore it resists change easily.

How does water change temperature?


What effects temperature change in water?

the energy from the sun goes to the equator causing a temperature difference at the poles. Blowing cold wind over the water, and the suns energy on the water effects the temperature change in the water.

Why is condensation on a cold window a physical change?

The change of state of matter of WATER from vapour (humid air, water vapour) to liquid (condense, droplets, mist) is a physical change, the reversed can easily (and repeatedly) be done by raising the temperature. No substance is changed in properties: water stays water, even iced (frozen water) it is still water.

Does the speed of sound in water change with a temperature change?

yes it is changing. It's increasing with the temperature.

Which water freezes first boiling water cold water or room temperature water?

Cold water would freeze the fastest because freezing is a physical change brought on by temperature change, and the temperature of cold water is closer to freezing temperature than boiling or room temperature water. Therefore, it would take less time to reach freezing temperature.

Is it possible to have a temperature change without a chemical change?

Yes, a temperature change without a chemical change is possible. A piece of ice can melt into water and then evaporate into water vapor. These changes are all physical changes, and there must be a change in temperature for them to occur.

Which mineral is easily soluble in water at room temperature conditions?


Why does the temperature of water not change as it melts from solid ice to liquid water?

The energy that goes into temperature change is being used to change the state of the water, and until the transition is complete, it will not change temperature. The same goes for turning liquid water into a vapor. It is called the "latent heat", and sometimes "heat of fusion".

What is the temperature of the water?

The temperature of water varies based on the air around it and the object in which it is contained. Water can be any temperature and can change from a liquid to a gas to a solid.

Why does the temp not change as water is warmed up?

If water is warmed up, then that means that its temperature does change.

How water turns to ice?

From the change in temperature

Does water temperature change when you add things to it?