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Yes because lemonade has lemon and lemon makes a tart taste usually which will make it freeze slower unlike water which doesnt have any tartness in it so water will freeze faster then lemonade. please give me trust points.

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i think lemonade freeze faster because lemonade is usually made with water

i say no because lemonade is made with water and orange juice isn't

Because coke has more CO2 than lemonade.

Does water freeze faster than vinegar?

Water will freeze faster than salt water.

no salt water does not freeze faster than sugar.

I suppose that pure water freeze faster.

Yes water freeze faster than coffee and orange juice

Yes. Hot water freeze faster than cold see Mpemba Effect.

I do not know the answer but i think hot water will freeze faster than cold water. wizgirl says~ i do not believe that water will freeze faster. that does not make sense at all.

Plain water will always freeze faster than a drink that is carbonated and/or sugary.

no water and soda freeze faster:) hope i helped:)

Water will freeze faster than Coke because Coke has more gas than water and gas takes more time to freeze than plain liquid

Salt water does not freeze faster than regular water... When salt is put in water, it stops the water from freezing, and it needs to be colder than usual.

its because tap water has diffrent liquids in it that make it freeze faster then pepper water.

No, hot water does not freeze faster since hot water has molecules that move around faster than frozen water. It would take a higher cooling point before it would freeze.

Fresh water freezes faster than salt water, yes.

It doesn't. Tap water freezes faster than salt water.

Pure water freezes faster than water with impurities. If tap water has a lesser concentration of impurities than salt water the tap water will freeze faster. Some municipalities who have petroleum products in the tap water will likely freeze after the salt water.

It depends what other liquids there are. If the other liquid is less dense, then the other liquid will freeze faster, otherwise, water would freeze faster.

I think what you meant to ask was "Does cold water freeze faster than hot water?" It does because its temperature doesn't have to change as much.

Any carbonated drink and/or sugary drink will freeze slower than water