Does water put oxygen in your body?

Updated: 9/26/2023
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No. We cannot get oxygen from water. The oxygen that forms part of the water itself is locked away in H2O molecules and our bodies have no way of extracting it. Most water does contain dissolved oxygen, but since we do not have gills we cannot extract that either.

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Q: Does water put oxygen in your body?
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What body parts allow fish to get oxygen they need from water?

Fish extract dissolved oxygen from the water by passing the water through their gill slits. Inside the gills is very thin tissue that can 'grab' oxygen right out of the water and put carbon dioxide waste into the water.

What can be done to make noble gases visible?

put it in water if it is oxygen you will see bubbles =)

If you put hydrogein and oxygen together what do you get?


Why does water usually put out fire?

Water stops oxygen from getting to the flame, and oxygen is the fire's food.

Can water be used to put out fires?

Yes, fire is like us, it needs oxygen to breathe, water has no oxygen molcules, meaning it will put out a fire.

Why cant your lungs pump oxygon around your body?

Your lungs are connected to the outside world, to take in oxygen and put out carbon dioxide (water vapor, etc.); lungs use blood vessels to exchange taken in oxygen with the rest of your body.

Does water provide a person with more oxygen at high altitude?

No. The human body cannot extract the oxygen from water.

Is it true the water in the body distributes oxygen coming from the lungs?

As far as I know, it is the blood of your body that carries oxygen to all of your body parts.

How can a body of water can be depleted of its oxygen?

Water can be depleted of it's oxygen by a number of different ways. Short of putting the water in a vacuum and "sucking" the dissolved oxygen out, oxygen-breathing organisms such as fish take oxygen from the water through respiration, for example. It is unlikely a large body of water to become completely deoxygenated due to the presence of photosynthetic aquatic organisms (plants) and the fact that oxygen is also dissolved in the water at the water's surface.

Apart from drinking how does water enter your body?

By breathing, Oxygen is part water.

What is the chemical test for oxygen and water?

put oxygen in a test tube put a glowing splint inside and it will have a squeaky pop sound

What part of the body take oxygen that your body needs from the air and put it in your bloodstream?

Your nose and mouth.