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yes the thc in weed actually can cause some peoples hair to grow a lot faster then without the the but side affects from weed are different for everyone

Weed is a plant that you grow and is legal to grow but not smoke!

If they do the government won't be able to make as much money because it's to easy to grow... I mean it Is a weed .

Yes, it is scientificly proven if you rub THC on your chin it will grow 6x faster

You can't "make weed" from anything. The only way have your own supply of free weed is to grow marijuana then follow proper harvesting, drying and curing techniques. However, growing marijuana is extremely illegal and you will go to jail if you are caught.

You don't plant weed, they just grow from gardens.

If it is growing somewhere you do not want it to grow, it is a weed.

They grow in Weed Chambers around Winnipeg

Yes. Don't put it on them.

marijuana is a WEED. Therefor it can grow where ever plants grow. It is illegal is the US due to that fact that it is a weed. Anyone can grow it. There for the government cannot tax it.

they grow bigger because they have more space to rome and more weed to eat (if you have weed in your tank

It takes three to five months for a weed plant to grow in regular dirt.

if any thing i would have thought it stunted growth.

That doesnt even make sense. -.-

5 days to 100 years depending whether you make out with it or not

It is legal to grow weed now(since January 2018 ( in California only).)

"Dill weed" is kind of an archaic name for it, it is properly called simply "Dill", and it will grow well anywhere corn or tomatoes will grow well in summer weather.

A sea weed can grow up to 30-60cm

The cannabis plant is quite hardy and versatile and can grow nearly anywhere.

It is legal to smoke,grow or possess certain amount of weed if you have a licence from the Government.

You have to smoke it first.

Nearly anyplace. It is primarily a weed.

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