Does your hair grow faster in the cold?


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Being cold can in fact cause leg hair to grow faster. Along with any other hair that is shaved and then returns. This is because when cold, the body and all things in it regenerate faster to produce or accumulate heat.

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Hair will grow faster if you trim the ends.

No cold. This is because when cold, the body and all things in it regenerate faster to produce or accumulate heat.-A.S.

no in the cold as your body needs to regenarate more so it grows faster

Their is no scientifically proven way to make your hair grow faster.

Because hot air makes heat and makes you hair darker , so cool and cold air makes your hair cooler and grow fast to get you warm for next winter

no it does not grow faster in cold weather

Shaving hair does not make the hair grow any faster, but it does make it appear to grow faster because the growth is more noticeable with shorter hair.

yes a hair treatment does causes hair to grow faster and fill in

nothing makes hair grow faster

While cold water is good for the scalp and helps restore shine, moisture, and fights frizz, it does not help the hair to grow any faster than normal.

Sleep does not directly make your hair grow faster. Sleep allows you to rest and de-stress causing your hair to grow faster.

One way to grow hair faster is to stimulate the scalp extensively. This can be done when brushing the hair.

The child's hair should grow faster if you trim it but you can't make it grow faster

you can't make your hair grow faster just let it grow

Yes, a good hair massage helps hair grow longer & faster.

Hair tends to grow faster in the winter

There is no way to make hair grow faster or even. Hair growth is determined by the hair follicle.

There are available hair products now to grow your hair faster. You can buy and apply it to your hair.

It doesn't necessarily grow faster, but it does grow healthier. Instead of growing dead ends, its grow stronger hair.

A bear's metabolism slows to almost nothing during hibernation. Active bears do grow extra layers of hair during cold weather and the "winter fur" does grow faster than the normal summer growth.

coconut oil shampoos make your hair grow a lot faster

no, it is in girls genitics for her hair to grow faster I would know

You can not make your hair grow any faster than it does naturally.

I would imagine trimming the ends once in a while, will help it grow faster. Trimming hair allows it to grow faster, so why not facial hair?

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