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The Y chromosome which the male produces will determine the sex of the baby. Males have the XY Chromosome Females have the XX chromosome. It has nothing to do with the testicals. Do a bit of research eh? :o)

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Q: Does your left testicle make boy babies?
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What if only the left testicle has dropped?

A boy with an undescended testicle should be taken to a doctor as early as possible. See the link below.

What can a boy do?

make babies ;)

What age does a boy go through puberty with one testicle?

A boy with one testicle goes through puberty the same time a person with two does. The second testicle is a spare!!!! You only need one!

Are girl babies harder to make than boy babies?

No - you have a fifty fifty chance.

Can a boy going through puberty with one testicle burst still produce sperm?

If he has a testicle, there will be sperm.

What do you call a boy horse who cant make babies?

a gelding

Is one Testicle for a boy and one testicle for a girl?

No, both testicles do the same job, they aren't differentiated in any way.

Do hamsters fight to make babies?

Yes they do, they if the girl or boy does not want babies, the boy will want 1 and the girl doesnt the boy will fight for it, the girl with the same thing if she wants babys. Thank you for your time,

Can you kill a boy by hitting them in their testicles?

No, u can't. U can, however, make the boy infertile which means he will not be able to make babies with a girl.

Can you get a baby at bye bye babies?

No Because You Need To Make Them With A Boy And A Girl.

How do you make babies with girl if you're a boy?

Kutxk!jvxh!frykxjgfziy tag

What does one testicles guy can make a boy or a girl means?

it's either a joke or someone being stupid they are saying that if a man has a testicle that makes boys and a testicle that makes girls and if one gets removed then they can only make one gender this isn't true at all though