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Does your nose get big when you are pregnant?

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No, if you are pregnant and your nose is getting big there is some other reason

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Is my nose big ?

this.ThiThis iis mme

When do you used has vs have in a sentence?

He has a big nose. They do not have big noses. I don't have a big nose.

Does Robert Pattinson have a big nose?

NO he doesn't have a big nose, and im not saying that because i think that he is cute because he's really not to me. .... well i don't know about thise question i believe a big nose is longer than 4inches that's a big nose you are probably gonna have to measure his nose

What is a dinosaur with a big nose?

muttaburasaurus. it had an inflatable nose.

Is Lady Gaga's nose big?

Her nose is medium

When did Big Nose Kate die?

Big Nose Kate died on 1940-11-02.

When was Big Nose Kate born?

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When did Big Nose George die?

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Can you get your nose repierced if you are pregnant?

Yes u can

Was elvis's nose small or big?


How big can your nose get?

as big as a pice of string

How do use the phrase red nose in sentence?

Everyone knows the reindeer Rudolph has a red nose. Santa's big red nose was redder after he was out in the cold.

What is a snouzer?

I heard that was a nose. o__o; A really big nose.

Can a moth fly up your nose?

If you have a big nose, then yes

Does Percy Jackson have a big nose?

No!! He has a lovely nose, and I love him!

What bad accident made lady gaga's nose big?

her nose is not big in the first place WOW

How do you say from the big nose in spanish?

In Spanish, "Desde la nariz grande" means "From the big nose"

How do you get him with a big nose?

you grab it and say I love your big hairy nose and I want so see it sneze

How can you hide your huge nose if you're a guy?

My nose is big, lol. Be proud of it! Youre sizable snout is something to be proud of! I love my big nose.

Why do blacks have big noses?

Its not a big nose its a flat nose and its not that big compared to Indians. and those are just stereotypes not all look that way.

How big is a dogs nose?

big that they can smell things

Does sammem have a big nose?


How big does a female blue nose grows?

Big. Very big.

Can being pregnant cause a nose bleed?


How big is Zoes nose?

zoes' nose is over 100 ft.

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