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Yes. In a letter to a close friend you may not have to, but as for formal letters, always sign cursive.

...that's not true. US law states "A signature may be written by hand, printed, stamped, typewritten, engraved, photographed, or cut from one instrument and attached to another, and a signature lithographed on an instrument by a party is sufficient for the purpose of signing it, it being immaterial with what kind of instrument a signature is made. ... whatever mark, symbol, or device one may choose to employ as a representative of himself is sufficient ... The name or mark of a person, written by that person at his or her direction. In commercial law, any name, word, or mark used with the intention to authenticate a writing constitutes a signature. UCC 1-201(39), 3-401(2). A signature is made by use of any name, including any trade or assumed name, upon an instrument, or by any word or mark used in lieu of a written signature." a signature can technically be whatever you want it to be.

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Q: Does your signature have to be cursive?
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Do signatures have to be in cursive?

No not all signatures have to be in cursive, but if you want to be formal most people prefer it to be cursive. Your signature is how you make it, so be creative!

Does corbin bleu have a writingdisorder?

Corbin Bleu use to have a writing disorder. Cursive. He wasn't the best at writng cursive. But then he found out there is cursive font so he learned from the font and now he can write his signature in cursive!!!! He can now wrote in cursive!!!!!

What is signature in business letter?

It is where you sign your name in cursive at the bottom of the letter. Like this: Sincerely, Your Name in Cursive Hope this helps!

Are there any class for making signature?

No, you just write your name in fancy cursive.

Why do children learn to print before they learn cursive writing?

so they can do there signature in a pretty way

How should a president of a college sign a Christmas card?

Write their signature in cursive. It looks much better and more official.

What is going with Cody?

well i learned how to write a perfectly original h in cursive for my signature but i cant duplicate it because its tooo perfect.

How do you beat the magnifier test on Counterfeit Island?

you go and put the mag glass on each signature and will see that one is in bold and the other are cursive

If you write in cursive on your SAT do you get a better grade?

no. you will not get a better score. if it's messy cursive you might get a lower score than if you wrote in print. ------------------- For the essay, it's probably better to print (or simply, write in the most legible font). For the signature, sign in cursive. This might mean quickly reviewing what you learned in 2nd grade (yes, I had to do this too).

What are some ways to make your signature unique?

practice, find a type of handwriting that is easy, that you like, I use cursive with an extra slant to it with a curl on the end

What part of speech is cursive?

Cursive is an adjective (cursive letters) and a noun (to write in cursive).