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Not from the pregnancy, but many women have bad gas because of the effects of hormones, and this may make your tummy feel firm.

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Q: Does your tummy feel firm in the early stages of pregnancy?
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Can you feel a heart beat in the early stages of pregnancy?

No, you can never feel it but at the ultrasound you can see and hear it.

When do you feel like vomiting after pregnancy?

Nausea during pregnancy is caused by changes in the hormone levels in the body during the early stages of pregnancy. It usually happens early on in the pregnancy.

How does a woman feel when she's pregnant?

In the early stages of pregnancy she will have nausea, cramps, backache.

Is it normal to feel softer in your genital area if you are in early pregnancy?

In early stages of pregnancy your hormones are going crazy, it is possible to feel softer down there with the change in your body, or it is all in your head.

Is not being fatigued a bad sign in early pregnancy?

No. Although many people do feel very tired during early pregnancy (or at other stages during pregnancy) others do not feel this. This is fine, as symptoms vary from person to person and is not a sign that anything is wrong

Do you feel cramping in the first stages of pregnancy?


Can jogging affect your pregnancy in early stages?

No, exercising is good for you and very important when pregnant and as long as you feel good things are fine.

Does your belly button feel different during early pregnancy?

In my experience, my belly button did not feel different during early pregnancy.

Can you feel your tummy for any sign of pregnancy?

By the time you'd "feel" anything there you would be VERY pregnant. Take a test.

When is the correct time to take a pregnancy test?

I think that you should take a pregnancy test when you think you are pregnant, or when you feel something in your tummy.

Is it normal to have a swollen and hard stomach in early pregnancy?

It is normal to feel bloated in early pregnancy.

Is deep vaginal ache among pregnancy symptoms?

Accompanying other symptoms yes it can be your insides making room for the baby. You will feel this more at the early stages.

Does a foetus feel rubbing through the stomach?

In the later stages of pregnancy, it can yes.

Can you feel lightheaded in early pregnancy?

Yes, you definitely can feel light-headed in early pregnancy. Many people have dizzy spells. If you've already missed your period, you should take a pregnancy test.

What part of your abdomen will feel hard first during pregnancy?

I'm preGnant and my bottom part of my tummy is hard

Do you feel bloated duing early pregnancy?


What does an early pregnancy stomach feel like?

full but quizzy

Can kicking in pregnancy feel like gas?

Yes early on it does.

How early in pregnancy do you start to feel nauseous?

does anyone care

Does your stomach feel like it is bloated in early pregnancy?


What does 'placenta Anterior mean in doctors notes after a pregnancy scan?

It means that your placenta is in the front of your uterus. This is not an issue in early pregnancy as the placenta usually moves as pregnancy progresses. If it is still anterior near end of pregnancy it can make you have to have a C-section. Also, it will be harder to feel the baby's kicks and movement as an anterior placenta cushions the baby from the tummy.

How early can you start to feel symptoms of pregnancy after sex?

One to two weeks. You will feel nausea, swollen and/or tender breasts, and missed period are the most obvious early symptoms of pregnancy.

Im 5 weeks pregnant and feel like im having a contraction?

You may be having uterine cramps, but the most likely explanation is gas, it can be very painful in the early stages of pregnancy.

Are pains in lower stomach normal during early stages of pregnancy?

Yes. Your uterus is growing and stretching rapidly to accomodate the new life growing inside you. These first pains you feel in early pregnancy feel much like regular period cramps, and are often mistaken for such. However, you need to call your doctor immediately if you have cramping with dizziness, light-headedness, fainting or shortness of breath, as these could be signs of ectopic pregnancy.

Does your lower stomach feel different in the first trimester of pregnancy?

In my both my pregnacies if I bent over too far too quick I got a bad cramp in my tummy, in bed twistin around I sometimes got pinching in my stomach, sitting doing laundry gave me tummy aches(backaches too) early on