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Yes, but you only hear about her briefly in the first book and briefly in Awakened from her Mother.

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Yes, Zoey Redbird from the House of Night series does have an older sister named Kayla. However, she is not very present in the series and does not play a major role in the story.

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Q: Does zoey from house of night have an older sister?
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Who is on the cover of The house of night series?

Mostly Zoey Redbird

What is the name of zoey's horse in the house of night series?


In the house of night series what is Zoey's brother called?

Kevin Montgomery

What does Zoey in the house of night series do about loren?

Neferet kills Loren because he felt that she would have to compete with him for Zoey, even though it was her idea for Zoey to be lured by Loren.

What is the House of Night series about?

actually its about Zoey a special flegling and her quest with her friends to find out what mysterious stuff is happening at the house of night vampyre boarding school. But for Zoey there are many boy and friendship troubles along the way.

What is some conflict that happened in marked the house of night book?

In the "Marked" book of the House of Night series, conflict arises when Zoey Redbird is marked by a vampyre tracker, making her a fledgling vampyre to be trained in the House of Night. This causes tension with her family and friends, who struggle to accept her new vampyre status, leading to interpersonal conflicts and challenges as Zoey navigates her new life.

Who is zoey Cyrus?

Zoey Cyrus is my sister of course :)

What is the point of view for chosen house of night?

It's all Zoey's point of view.

Do Zoey and Erik get back together at all in the House of Night series?

Yes thank you>....

House of night zoeys cat nala?

Zoey's cat in the House of Night series is named Nala. Nala is a Maine Coon cat and is Zoey's constant companion throughout the series, providing comfort and support during her trials and adventures. Nala has a special connection with Zoey and often seems to understand her on a deeper level.

What is Erik Night in the House Of Night Series real name?

eriks name was Erik night before he became a fledgling zoey asked him