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i don't think the episodes go that far. Am pretty sure no-one watched all episodes in English.....because of sum mess up with 4kids.....but in Tokyo mew mew the final episode is when they finally save the earth n they all reunite at cafe mew mew n have a completely new mission, but that's tha end of the season n i don't think its more seasons to come so don't get ur hopes up

So it never went that far with Zoey and Mark {but they got married multiple times in her dreams :) }

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In the anime "Mew Mew Power," Zoey does not marry Mark. The show focuses on Zoey and her friends fighting against alien threats, rather than romantic storylines.

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Q: Does zoey marry mark on mew mew power?
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Do mark and zoey break up after in mew mew power?


Who will end up with zoey in mew mew power?

mark of course

Does Mark ever kiss Zoey in Mew Mew Power?

of course she does!

When was an episode in mew mew power where mark found that zoey was a mew mew but the episode only shode once why?

Uh.... what?

Who is the blue knight in mew mew power?

its zoey/ichgos boyfriend mark/ayoma kun

How old is mew mew power zoey?

In Mew Mew power, Zoey is 16. While, in Tokyo Mew Mew, Ichigo (the same person as Zoey) is 13.

Can you tell all mew mew power couples?

Zoey and Mark, Zoey and Ryoe, Zoey and Dren Ryoe and Bridget, Bridget and Pie Kiki and Tart I'm pretty sure that that is it

Who plays Zoey in mew mew power?

The actress for Zoey in Mew Mew Power is Amanda Brown. In Tokyo Mew Mew, the Japanese version, Ichigo/Zoey is voiced by Saki Nakajima.

Do zoey and Elliot kiss in mew mew power?

Yes and they go out because it turns out that at the end Mark betrayed Zoey and he went out and tried to get rid of Zoey but Elliot stops him and they get married! I found all that out in the Tokyo Mew Mew DVDs and Books!

Does mark like dren on mew mew power?

probably not dren did try to kill mark and zoey on a few eps so id say no

What episode of Tokyo mew mew did zoey kiss Dren?

episode 3. and its not zoey and dren, its ichigo and kisshu. zoey and dren are from mew mew power. mew mew power is americanised. Tokyo mew mew is the original and also has more episodes. and dren/kisshu kissed zoey/ichigo

Who does zoey end up dating at the end from the anime mew mew power?

It's mark of course she will never stops loving him