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Dolce gabanna light blue song?

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βˆ™ 2008-07-03 22:19:10

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Parlami D'amore Mariu by Mario Lanza

2008-07-03 22:19:10
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What's the Italian language song from the Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue commercial?

Dance floor by stylophonic It was not that...

Who sing the song in the dolce and gabbana light blue commercial?

The song is Citta Vuota and is sung by Italian singer Mina Mazzini (her birth name is Anna Maria Mazzini).

Who sings the Pop song with the lyrics light blue light blue?


Who sings the song from the Dolce and Gabbana commercial?

"dancefloor" by Stylophonic

What song does the blue singamajig sing?

The light blue one sings Jolly Good fellow.

Who sings the song that goes Hey there Mister Blue?

ELO (electric light orchestra) do a song called 'Mr Blue Sky' if that's what you mean.

What is the song on the commercial?

dolce gabbana ad with scarlett johansson mathew mCcouanghey

Who sings 2011 glidden paint commercial song?

The song is called Mr. Blue Sky by Electric Light Orchestra.

Who is the song blue and yellow by?

The song Blue and Yellow is by The Used.It is a good song.

Which song kept Vienna by Ultravox of the number 1 spot in 1981?

Shuduppa your face by Joe dolce ..

Vienna by Ultravox was famously kept off of No 1 by which novelty song?

joe dolce....shutuppa your face

What is the song blue sky about?

this song is technically about a blue sky

What song has the lyrics blue blue blue?

jaded by aerosmith has some lyrics like that. "talking about my, my, baby blue (blue blue blue yeah)" towards the end of the song. idk if its something else --------------- A Madrugada song have it, called "Strange Colour Blue" A R.E.M song called "Low" sounds alot like he sings Blue blue blue

What was the name of the song that played during the You Tube video Yoda Gets Wasted?

The song is called Mr. Blue Sky. It's by the Electric Light Orchestra.

What is the song that was used for the promotional ad for the 2008 Australian Open.?

sounds like blue light from bloc party

Who recorded the song Blue Skies as a rock ballad in the 1960's?

ELO The Electric Light Orchestra.

Who sings the song for the glidden paint commercial 2011?

"Mr. Blue Sky" by ELO (electric light orchestra)

Who is the blond girl in blue dress singing about stars and light?

Possibly Ellie Goudling. She sings the song "Lights"

Who do you play the spirit flute in the legend of Zelda spirit tracks?

So far i have learned how to play these songs .... red, blue: the song of awakening; green, white, green: song of healing ..... ummmm here ill add on to this tomorrow when i get a chance. purple, yellow, purple: song of birds; red, yellow, red, blue: song of discovery; and purple, yellow, red, blue, white: song of light

What does the song Blue Sky Mine mean in its lyrics?

Blue sky song

When was Into the Blue - song - created?

Into the Blue - song - was created in 1995.

What is the name of a song with lyrics about the River Danube?

The song is called River of Light (The Blue Danube) and is performed Faryl Smith. The song is a part of Faryl Smiths first album "Faryl" by Air Studios.

What kind of nail polish was Taylor Swift wearing in her music video Our Song?

It was a light blue (like a sky blue) with white polka dots and she was putting a clear coat on.

Who sang the song Blue Gangsta?

Michael Jackson sang the song "Blue Gangsta."

Who sang song son blue?

You may be thinking of "Song Sung Blue" by Neil Diamond.