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Yes, it's a good utility shotgun. Nothing fancy or expensive. It is a Stevens/Savage 311 with the Sears trade name.

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Q: Double barrel J C Higgins shotgun?
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What is the value of a J C Higgins single barrel 20 gauge shotgun worth?


What is the value of a J C Higgins shotgun model101.7 double barrel side by side 12 gauge sold by sears Roebuck and co in very good condition?

what is the model 101.7 in 20 gauge worth

What is value T C Montgomery double barrel exposed hammers?

The T C Montgomery double barrel shotgun with double barrel hammers is valued at $75 in fait condition. In good condition its valued at $160.

How do you remove the barrel on a 12 gauge J C Higgins Model 20 shotgun?

The barrel of this shotgun simply cannot be removed. It is screwed in and requires a barrel vice and the appropriate wrench. The trigger group can be removed by means of the pin at the back of the receiver, which would allow for easier access to the barrel, but this is a complicated process and is not recommended. Nothing can be removed from the J.C. Higgins Model 20 to help clean it, unfortunately.

What is a J C Higgins 20 gauge double barrel shotgun model 101.7 that also says model 311A worth?

$150-$250 depending on condition. Much less if it is rusty or broken, a little more if like-new.

Who made the Western Field SB 300 C 20 gauge double barrel shotgun?

It is a Stevens 311

How do you take a J C Higgins shotgun apart?

Which one?

What is a eclipse 8212 C double barrel shotgun worth?

Between 35-75 dollars,depending on overall condition.

What is a palmetto arms co double barrel swing arm shotgun worth?

16 gauge arm shotgun made in palmetto c. o. Philadelphia Pa

Is there a ammo clip for a J C Higgins shotgun model 58324 16 gauge?

There is a ammo clip for a J C Higgins shotgun model 58324 16 gauge. You can buy it as a replacement part.

Where can you get information about a Willam Parkhurst double barrel shotgun?

Made in Belgium by Simonis, Janssen, Dumoulin & Co. c. 1884-1905

What is the value of a J C Higgins shotgun model 101.7 double barrel side by side 410 gauge sold by Sears Roebuck and Co in very good condition?

made by savage/stevens model 311 in good or better condition abought 250 bucks