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You cannot download Pixel Shader because your graphics card should already have and support it. If not, you will need a new graphics card which supports it.

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Q: Download pixel shader 2.0
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Probably the ATi X1300. On eBay, you can get them for less than $20.

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use fps limiter, put there max 20-30 fps, then make a bat file, open bat with 3d analyzer, then check " max pixel shader 2.0, and put force high pixel shader, click start, enjoy.

What is the cheapest graphic card with a pixel shader 1.1 or up?

how cheap a graphics card 1.0 or up andone way to find a very cheap graphics card is to get one on eBay abd they can be as low as $10.00.that's the cheapestthey get. You could also go to, and search the 9400, its a great card that will run almost anything, and it usually runs 20 - 30$

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