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Driving at slower speeds than traffic flow?


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There are states with minimum speed limits, and some fine for going below them. It is probably best to do the speed limit in all possible situations unless you're stuck in traffic or are behind a slow driver.

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keep right so others may safely pass

In some cases, yes and in others, no. Driving too slow can be just as dangerous as driving too fast. Generally it is best to keep up with the flow of traffic.

It keeps people from driving into each other preventing injuries, and helps with the flow of traffic.

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Usually car that only overheat in traffic have a radiator fan that does not work. It will not over heat while driving because their is enough air flow.

When stopped and/or disabled at the side of the road - OR - in unusual circumstances, when travelling at a low speed SIGNIFICANTLY slower than the prevailing traffic flow.

mainthing is every one should follow the trffic rules than automatically traffic is control it is simpl.Answer:Traffic jams are a type of slug flow issue as observed in pipes with turbulent flows. Adjusting speeds and constriction points is usually a large part of the answer.

To regulate the flow of traffic.

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Pierre Dersin has written: 'Propagation of disturbances in traffic flow' -- subject(s): Traffic flow

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