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Drum is to beat as banjo is to pick

Drum is to beat as banjo is to strum

Drum is to beat as banjo is to frail

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Q: Drum is to beat as banjo is to?
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When was Drum Beat created?

Drum Beat was created in 1954.

What is the duration of Drum Beat?

The duration of Drum Beat is 1.85 hours.

What are brackets on a banjo and what are they used for?

brackets are metal hooks that are used to tighten the drum head against the banjo. There are usually about 30 that run around the body of a banjo.

When was Beat of My Drum created?

Beat of My Drum was created on 2011-06-03.

What is a banjo dulcimer?

A banjo dulcimer is another name for a dulcijo, a three-stringed clawhammer banjo tuned like a dulcimer, with a shortened third string and a drum resonator.

How is sound energy produced when you beat a drum?

when you beat the drum the sound waves travel

Who sings 'dance to the beat of my drum'?

The person who sings 'dance to the beat of my drum' is Nicola Roberts.

What can you do on a drum that starts with a b?

You beat or bang the drum.

What vibrates when you play a drum?

what vibrates when you beat a drum

How does the banjo produce sound?

A banjo produces sound from string vibration. The strings rest on a wooden bridge, which is sitting on top of a banjo head, basically the same as a drum head you would find on a snare drum for instance, but special heads are made just for the banjo. When a string is plucked, the vibration travels from the string, to the bridge, then it is transmitted to the head of the banjo, so just like an acoustic guitar, no electronic amplification is needed.

What part of a drum does a drummer beat?

across the frame of a drum

What do you call the rapid sound of a drum beat?

a drum roll.

How do you drum?

TO drum, grab a pair of sticks and hit the drum only using your wrists. Hit the drum however you count.Example- a quarter note is worth 1 beat, so you hit the drum once, and hold it out for 1 beat.

How do you beat industry?

With a drum.

What means born to the beat of the drum?

The saying usually is: Born to the beat of a "differant" drum. It is from a marching image - when people march they must follow the beat of the drum or they will get out of step with the others. When someone says "beat of a different drum" it means you are an individual who does not automatically follow what the majority does. It is usually a compliment.

What is a banjo a combination of?

A banjo is a combination of a drum and a guitar. The original African and Middle Eastern instruments from which the banjo developed were simply drums with strings pulled across them. these strings were either plucked or played with a bow.

What is a snare drum's job?

The snare drum plays the back beat and some fills. If you clap your hands to music, that is the back beat.

How does a drum-kit work?

A drum kit works just like a drum set. You beat on it! There's no difference!!

Instuments that begin with the letter b?

Musical unstruments? Banjo Bassoon Bugle Bass Drum

Where do you get the horn in banjo kazooie nuts and bolts?

beat guntey

What instrument did ea ski use in the IMGMI beat?

the banjo

What is hard to beat?

A drum with a hole in it

Something you do on a drum?


What actors and actresses appeared in The Beat of the Live Drum - 1985?

The cast of The Beat of the Live Drum - 1985 includes: Rick Springfield as himself

English word not of African roots or origin-banjo drum voodoo or gumbo?

Probably Drum, in German Trommel , also from Latin Tympanum- which means either orchestral kettle-drums or the ear drum. bang on!

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