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During a glaciation earth's sea level drops, because of the water evaporating from the oceans falling as snow on the land and not melting for thousands of years.

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Q: During an ice age earths sea level?
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During the recent ice age glaciers covered almost what percent of earths land?

During the recent ice age, glaciers covered almost 30 percent of earths land.

How does earths surface change during an ice age?

it changes by all the ice melting ,there fore we flood.

During the last ice age how much of the earths surface was covered by glaciers?


Compare the Earths climate today with its climate during the ice age?

it's warmer and drier now, than during the Ice Ages

During the Ice Age did the sea level rise or fall?

Sea level falls during ice ages because more water is locked up in glaciers.

What does period during which low temperatures caused large areas of earths warter to freeze mean?

That would be an ice age.

Ocean levels were much lower during the Ice Age than they are now because .?

More of the earths water was frozen

Why does sea level rise and fall during interglacial and glacial periods?

During a glacial period (ice-age), a lot of water is held as ice, so lowering the sea level. When the ice melts during an interglacial period, the released water raises the sea level.

Why is Michigan shape like a mitten?

During the Great Ice Age glaciers shaped the earths surface created a mitten shape.

During an ice age?

sea level is lower because so much of the ocean is frozen

How did Romans stay alive during the Ice Age?

There were no Romans during the Ice Age.

What was the earth's sea level during the ice age?

Earth's seal levels drop during periods of glaciation, and are dependent on the amount of water locked away in the glacial ice.