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Q: During the percolating cycle a coffee maker the heating element should keep the water at a minimum temperature of?
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What is Saturn minimum temperature?

Its minimum temperature is -300 degrees.

What is maximum minimum temperature?

the minimum temperature is -273 degree centigrade

Is there a minimum temperature that landlords have to keep a property?

This differs by state. In Massachusetts, the State Sanitary Code requires that a heating system be *capable* of maintaining a dwelling's temperature at 68F during the day, and 64F at night. I suspect that most northern states are about the same.

What is maximum minimum temperature of submarine XLPE cables?

Xlpe maximum working temperature is 90 and minimum working temperature is 0 c

What is a minimum temperature in kolkata in winter season?

The minimum temperature in kolkata mostly remains 8 r 7 degrees Celsius ...the recorded minimum temperature in kolkata was 4.8 or 5 degrees in 1905 .

How cold is Ceres compare to earth?

Ceres has no atmosphere, so it is exposed to the direct heating from the sun. As a result the temperature varies according to which part is exposed to the sun. The maximum temperature is around -35 *C, and minimum is about -100 *C, but probably gets colder in shadows. Earth, for comparison has a temperature of about 15 degrees C

What is the maximum and minimum temperature for Saturn?

The maximum temperature of Saturn is 11,700C (at its core). The minimum temperature of Saturn is -178C (at its cloud tops).

What is the minimum cooking temperature for cooking ground beef?

Ground beef should be cooked at a temperature of about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. That should be its minimum internal temperature. The external temperature to get it to such an internal temperature is up to you.

What is insolation temperature Lag?

It is the time delay between a maximum or minimum insolation and maximum or minimum air temperature

What is the minimum internal cooking temperature for a veal chop?

minimum internal cooking temperature for cooking veal chop

What is the minimum internal cook temperature for a veal chop?

minimum internal cooking temperature for cooking veal chop

Why is the winter solstice the beginning of winter and not in the middle of winter?

The winter solstice is the minimum in heating, but the minimum in temperature lags because of thermal capacitance of the atmosphere-ocean-land system. Climatologists usually consider (northern) winter to be December-January-February, which is three weeks ahead of the astronomical definition. That puts the middle of winter in the second week of January, which is pretty close to the time of the historically observed temperature minimum, at least in locations far from an ocean.

Ignition temperature is the minimum temperature required to?


What is the minimum temperature at which a combustible substance catches fire?

ignition temperature

What is Jupiter's minimum temperature?

Jupiter's Minimum TempMinimum surface temperature is -180 C or -426 f

Is there a minimum temperature people can work in?

The minimum temperature in which people can work depends on how warmly dressed they are and what the humidity and air movement conditions are.

At what temperature does water have its lowest density?

Water has its maximum density at 4 degree C. If you cool or heat water from 4 degree C, the density will decrease. Minimum density will be at 0 C if you are cooling it from 4 C. Minimum density will be at 100 C if you are heating it.

What is the minimum temp in Switzerland?

The minimum temperature in Switzerland is zero degrees Kelvin.

Is there absolute maximum temperature like absolute zero minimum temperature?


What is the maximum temperature for a retail store by law?

there is no maximum temperature only a minimum.

What does minimum internal temperature mean?

how low the internal (inside the object) temperature can get

What is the killing Temperature of Salmonella?

The minimum temperature would be 150 degrees fahrenheit

The temperature -273oC is what?

OK, the temperature at which all motion is at a minimum, and absolute zero..

What is the ignition temperature of natural gas?

1100-1200 degrees Fahrenheit is the minimum ignition temperature.

What is the most minimum element found in the world?