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During what year did the civil war take place?

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1861 - 1865

Specific dates are April 1861 to April 1865.

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What year did Little Women novel take place?

late 1800s (during/after the civil war)

What year did the civil war take place?

The civil war took place from 1861 to 1865.

What year did the civil rights act take place?

The civil rights act took place in 1964.

In what year does Bonanza take place?

Post civil war.

What year did the American Civil War take place?


What year did the US Civil War take place?


What year did the civil was take place?

It began on April 5, 1861

In the tv show Bonanza what year in the 1800's did the show take place?

It took place during and after the civil war so somewhere between 1861 to 1870

What year did the mason Dixon line take place prior to the civil war?

In the year 1820.

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What year in september17 did the battle Antietam take place in the civil war?


What year did The Adventures of Tom Sawyer take place?

Before the Civil War

In which year did American Civil War take place?

April 1861 - April 1865

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What was the last battle of the US Civil War where was it fought and in what year did it take place?

The last battle of the civil war took place on May 13, 1865 in a place near brownsville Texas.

During the Civil war what city did draft riots take place and what did these riots force Lincoln to do?

it took place in New York City because of Lincoln in search of more soldiers wanted to take 18 year old men to fight by force.

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