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The Article of confederation came AFTER the revolution and was replaced by the constitution.


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The Articles weren't written until after the Revoultionary War.

The Articles of Confederation, which were the precursor to the Declaration of Independence.

The Articles of Confederation was an emergency government during the American Revolution.

During the time of the Articles of Confederation, all of the 13 states had to approve its mending. Hope that helps! : )

An effect was it was during the American Revolutionary war so once the colonists won the Articles of Confederation were immediatly approved.

The Articles of Confederation were the first framework for the government of the USA. They were enough of a structure, for the nation to survive during those eight years (1781-1789).

To modify the articles of confederation(see "Philadelphia Convention" Wikipedia) To modify the articles of confederation(see "Philadelphia Convention" Wikipedia)

During the revolution there was no government. After the Articles of Confederation were written and they didn't work very well. So, the in1787 the constitution was written.

The event led up to The Revolutionary War.

The Constitution of the United States was written during the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia after the American Revolution had ended and the Articles of Confederation had proven a failure.

Although the Articles of Confederation were what colonist wanted, they were ineffective. No taxes were collected and the country was open to attack because there was no central government.

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