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EST equals what time PST?

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EST = PST + 3 hours

(Example : When it's 1 PM PST, it's 4 PM EST.)

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What time is 12 pst in est?

If it is 12 noon PST it is 3pm EST If it is 12 midnight PST it is 3am EST

What time is 12AM est in PST?

12AM EST would be 9PM PST.

1000 AM EST is what time PST?

At 10 AM EST it's 7 AM PST.

620 est is what time in pst?

6:20 in EST = 3:20 in PST.

930 EST is what time PST?

9:30 EST = 6:30 in PST.

What time is 3 PM PST in EST?

3 PM in PST = 6 PM in EST.

What time is it in est if its 6am pst?

It would be 9 AM. EST is four hours ahead of PST.

What time is 4 am est in PST?

It would be 1 AM IN PST.

What is the difference between PST and EST?

PST and EST are time zones in North America. PST is Pacific Standard Time and EST is Eastern Standard Time. There is a difference of 3 hours between these time zones.The Timezone Offsets of PST and EST are -8 and -5 respectively. This means that PST is eight hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), while EST is only five hours behind.

What time is 4pm CET in PST?

If it is 4PM CET, then it is 8AM PST.

What time in PST is 6 pm EST?

3 PM in PST = 6 PM in EST

If its 630pm PST time then what time is it EST time?

When it's 6:30 PM PST, it's 9:30 PM EST.

11am PST is what time in EST?

2pm EST, because from PST to EST, there is a 3 hour time difference. 11am + 3 hours = 2pm.

What is 1pm pst in eastern time?

If it is 1pm PST it is 4pm EST

What time is 12pm est in PST?

12 PM EST = 9 AM PST , 12 PM is noon , not midnight

How does one convert pst time to est time?

I believe the easiest way is to add 10 hours to pst time. Or in reverse to subtract 10 from est time.

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