Easy magic tricks for kids?

There is a chocolate pull trick here is some easy steps how to do it

1. get any sort of chocolate and hide it in your sleeve (don't let a person see you getting the chocolate)

2. put your arms round a persons neck and pull out the chocolate in your sleeve

3. show to person the chocolate and they will be amazed!

see easy? try this trick its easy and fun also there are a couple more magic tricks i could tell you here you go

1. coin magic trick

1. get 2 1p coins and a 10p coin a 50p coin or a pound and hide it in your sleeve

2. show the person the 1p coin and get them to hold it

3. blind fold there eyes so they cant see

4. take the 1p coin and very gently take the other 1p coin away so they don't feel it and put it in your sleeve

5. then take the more exspensive cash out your sleeve and take the 1p coin away and hide it in your sleeve

6. and then un-blinde fold there eyes and they will see that the 1p coin has turned into a different coin and wont be able to find the 2 1p coins



1. Coin magic trick

2. Scarf magic trick

3. Card magic trick


2. Scarf magic trick

1. first get a scarf and wrap it round your neck

2. tie it in a bow or a not at the back of your neck you should be able to un-tie it quickly

3. really really fast un-tie it and then pull it and then the people will see you just pulled it and it will look in-possible to them


3. Card magic trick

1. get any card (etc) Christmas card,birthday card,

2. hide another in the card smaller then the bigger card

3. blinde fold a persons eyes

4. very quickly get the small card out and hide the big card in your jeans shorts (etc)

5. un-blinde fold the persons eyes

6. it will seem to them the big card has turned into a different card