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Q: Eating poppy seed bagels can place your blood test positive to opium?
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How are Poppy Seeds used?

The obvious answer is to grow more poppy flowers. But they are also used as flavoring in many foods such as poppy seed bagels, muffins, and cakes. It might be interesting to note that ingesting a significant amount of poppy seeds can cause you to fail a drug test, as they provide a false positive for opium, since opium is derived from a certain type of poppy. It typically takes about 2 bagels worth to test positive.

Will you show positive for opium by eating poppy seed cake?

Yes you will. In an episode of mythbusters this myth was confirmed. But you have to eat a lot of it!

What are the effects of eating opium?

You die.

Does eating a poppy seed bagel mimics opium use?

No there is no detection of opium to be traced

Do prescription drugs test positive as opium?


Does eating poppy seed muffins show up positive on a marijuana test?

Not on a marijuana test. there is no THC in poppy seeds. However, it will show up positive for Opium derivatives and the Lab will have to do more specific testing.

Does Jagermestier contain deer blood and opium?


Why does your blood have no opium if you are taking opium?

opium is a latex mixture of alkaloids such as morphine, codeine and thebaine just to name a few. opium is therefore a mixture and when you take opium these drugs are metabolised into compounds such morphine. This means that if they gave you a blood test they would find morphine and other things on the same lines of that but not opium as opium is a mixture of drugs not an actual individual drug

Does opium thin your blood?

No,opium do thin the blood rather it causes vasodilatation due todirect action decreasing tone of blood vesselshistamine releasedepression of vasomotor center

How much poppy seeds do you have to eat to test positive?

I tested positive for opium when I ate 3-4 Costco sized poppyseed muffins in one week. I was going to the doc for a full blood test and it came up positive!

What kind of poppy seeds are on bagels?

Usually they use sterilized poppy seeds because fresh/unsterilized ones contain minute levels of opium.

How long opium will show in blood test?

15 days

How long does opium high last?

An Opium high typically lasts about 8 hours. It can be detected in the blood and urine for about 2-3 weeks after the initial dosage. Opium is illegal and should not be used.

Can you fail a drugs test for opium when you have not taken any?

Yes. You can test positive for opiates if you consume poppy seeds, such as on bagels. Most good labs, however, know how to differentiate. Its also a situation where the medical director makes a judgment call when interpreting the results along with the required interview with the tested person.

Can caraway seeds cause you to fail a drug test?

No. That was poppy seeds, and the current "cutoff" for opium--the amount of opium metabolite you need in your system to trigger a drug test--is high enough that poppy seeds, so long as you're not eating them by the spoonful, won't trigger a positive test. Caraway seeds are fine, though.

Is it true you can be tested positive for heroin if you eat a lot of poppy seed muffins?

Yes it is true. Poppy seeds have opium in it. And when you take your test you will be positive for opiates

Why does a drug test for heroin show positive for codine?

Because they are both opiates. (derivatives of constituents found in opium)

How long does it take to get opium out of your bloodstream?

Opium which is also known as Paregoric or Laudanum, will stay in the blood for about 6 hours. In urine it is 2 to 4 days and saliva is 1 to 4 days.

Do you have to worry about testing positive if you only take a hit or two daily of marijuana and or opium?

Uh...yes. You should worry.

What do you have to stop eating so don't mess up a drug test or alcohol test?

The only food that sets off a drug test is poppy seeds, which throw a true positive for opium. These days, though, the opium test cutoff is turned up pretty high to prevent poppy seeds from giving a positive. As far as alcohol tests go, pretty much anything with liquor, wine or beer in it will throw a true positive, so just don't drink alcoholic beverages or eat rum cake or fruitcake and you should be fine.

What is the origin of opium?

opium poppies

Is there opium in codeine?

No, codeine is in opium.

Is there opium in methadone?

No there is no opium in Methadone

Does Oxycontin contain opium?

Oxycontin contains oxycodone which is a synthetic drug similar to morphine, which comes from opium. (Opium is about 15% opium.)

Where did the British get their opium before and during the opium wars?

they got it from India then manufactured the opium