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It is known that there is no free education available for everyone, therefore, a big amount of people do not get education needed for them to be able to work and have a prospective future.

All in all,there is about 50% of people who do not have enough money to survive, so how are they suppose to pay for their education?

Everyone is equal and for this reason, pople should pay an amount of money the can offer. Fortunately, nowadays, almost every college or an university gives scholarships for students fron poor families or for the most genius pupils. It is true that not every poor kid can get a scholarship or a discount, that is why the ministry of education made several laws. Right now, universities and colleges are funded by the government so everyone, no matter what kind of family they are from, it is possible to study for free. On the other hand, pupils might get lazy knowing that there is not that much study and money needed for college,so there is nothing to worry about. Thereby, all children should write a national exam that will determine their knowledge and so that there will not be difference between rich and poor.

From my point of view, testing knowledge is the best way to determine who worths it and give as much support that is needed to help them to achieve their goals.

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Q: Education is not luxury but a basic human right and as such should be free for every one irrespective of personal wealth discuss the difficulties of applying such a pricipal?
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