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Sleepy cat.

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Why is the cat eyes dilated

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Q: Effect of morphine on cat
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If I am allergic to Codeine should I take morphine?

codiene will have no effect if you are taking morphine - morphine in value exceeds morphine by 1/1000

Can you get a reaction from morphine?

Of course you get a reaction. A reaction means that you experience some effect from the drug and you certainly will experience the effect of morphine!

Can you fell euphoria from morphine tablets?

Yes, euphoria is a recognised side effect of morphine

What effects does morphine sulfate have on the venous system?

Morphine has a mild vasodilator effect. This will most likely affect arteries, but there will still be some effect on veins, albeit a smaller one

What has the author Nathan Browne Eddy written?

Nathan Browne Eddy has written: 'Synthetic substances with morphine-like effect' -- subject(s): Morphinans, Morphine, Morphine Derivatives

Can you take abilify and morphine together?

Can you take morphine and abilify together

Can you chew morphine sulfate?

Yes! get a much better faster effect.

What a major side effect of morphine?

Death from overdose.

What is the natural opiates that inhibit pain. The effect mimicked by morphine?


What is morphines main respiratory side effect?

Morphine is a known respiratory depressant.

Will morphine help my tooth pain away?

Yes, Morphine does effect your teeth like any other opioid medication. These medications include: morphine, hydrocodone, vicodin, lortab, roxicodone, percocet, oxycontin, etc...

Can you sniff 60 mg morphine pill?

try it and get back to us,,curiosity killed the cat.