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I don't know if this would be known as a quote but 3 letters he used a lot on his merchandise was means taking care of business .

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What are some quotes that describe Elvis Presley?

"Taking care of business

What is Elvis Presley real last name?

Presley, Elvis was born as: Elvis Aaron Presley.

What is the full name of Elvis Presley?

Elvis Aaron Presley is Elvis Presley s full name.

Is Angaleena Presley related to Elvis Presley?

No, she was not related to Elvis Presley.

Was Elvis Presley ugly?

No. Elvis Presley was not ugly.

Was Elvis Presley Mexican?

No Elvis Presley was not mexican.

Is Elvis Presley a girl?

no, Elvis Presley was a man.

What is the theme in the book Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley

Is Alex Presley a cousin of Elvis Presley?

Yes, he is the cousin of Elvis Presley.

Who were Elvis parents?

Vernon Elvis Presley & Gladys Presley. Gladys Love Presley

From what decade was Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley was from the decade of the 50s.

Is Elvis Presley illuminati?

No Elvis Presley was not a member of the Illuminati.

How is Sylvia Presley related to Elvis Presley?

she is not related to Elvis

Who is more famous Elvis Presley or Shrek?

Elvis Presley

Who is more famous Shrek or Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley. :)

Who do you call to authenticate an Elvis Presley picture?

elvis presley

Who is more famous Rihanna or Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley

Why was Elvis Presley in the army?

Elvis Presley was drafted into the Army.

Elvis Presley was his real name?

Yes, Elvis was born as Elvis Aaron Presley.

What was Elvis Presley's last name?

Elvis Presley was born as Elvis Aaron Presley.

What are the names of the Presley family?

Dad{ Vernon Elvis Presley Mum{ Gladys love Presley Brother Jesse Garon Presley died a birth) Elvis aaron Presley (the one and only king) Wife of Elvis. priscilla Presley ( queen of plastic surgery lol) daughter of Elvis (Lisa Marie Presley 1968 ????) grandson of Elvis. ben Presley, grand daughter of Elvis. riley Presley im a big fan of Elvis.

Who is Jessie Presley?

Elvis' grandfather (i.e. the Father of Elvis' Father Vernon (Elvis) Presley).

Is Elvis good?

elvis Presley elvis Presley he is so amaizing he is the king of rock and roll

What is the birth name of Elvis Presley?

Elvis Presley's birth name is Elvis Aron Presley.

Was Elvis Presley part of the Beatles?

No, Elvis Presley was not part of the Beatles.