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England and North America were joined by telegraph wires known as the?


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Transatlantic cable

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South America and North America are joined together by a strip of land known as the Isthmus of Panama.

North America and South America are joined.

No, but New England is in North America.

North America and South America are joined.

John Cabot's voyage was used by England for its claims to North America. North America was a major colony for England.

though Mexico or called central America

Yes they are joined by the thin strip of land. However, they are two separate continents.

Most Africans were brought to North America as Slaves. After England colonized Africa they joined the slave trade within Africa and sent their newly bought slaves to their other colonies, most prominently North America.

No, England DID have colonies in North America. Then there was that little fireworks show, and now there is the US.

England is part of North America.

No, England is in Europe.

John Cabot gave England its first claim in North America.

The united states joined WWII.

They are connected by the Isthmus of Panama.

Because there where few settlements in the area, and after the revolutionary war the Americans did not want Canada so it joined British North america (I dont think its called British North America)

John Cabot claimed North America for England in 1497.

North America and South America are joined together and are not separated by an ocean or sea, just as Europe and Asia.

New England is in North America.

No. Scotland is north of England. New England is in the United States of America.

Spain and England had a war and England won.

America usa north America

The mayflower carried the pilgrims from England to North America.

North America and South America are two continents joined together at the skinny bit.

The nearest part of North America to the Nearest part of England is 2098 miles (3376km). From the centre of Notrh America to the centre of England is 4359 miles, (7015km)

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