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(恋のバカンス), pronounced 'Koi no vakansu', means 'love vacation, vacation of love'.

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Q: English word of song koi no vacancy?
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How do you pronounce koi fish?

Koi is pronounced as "koy" in English. The "oi" sounds like the "oy" in the English word "boy."

When comes the special btc vacancy?

Kya kabhi b.t.c. Ki koi service aayegi......

What is the word 'blood red' when translated from English to Japanese?

濃い赤色 Koi akairo

What does coucou koi de neuf in english?

koi de neuf

Will the anime Nyan Koi be released in English?

The anime series 'Nyan Koi' will be subtitled in English and released on December 14 , 2010 .

What does il e bon ou koi mean in English?

The phrase il e bon ou koi translated into English means il and better your koi. These are Haitian words, but it makes little sense when it is translated to English.

What does the koi fish symbolize and were did it originate from?

Koi are a form of carp found in East Asia where they were originally farmed as a food fish. The name Koi means carp in Japanese and the word koi also means love in Japanese, same as Row (number of things in straight line) and Row (a noisy quarrel) in english.

Rahat song koi Mary dil da haal na?

rahet song koi Mary dil da hal na jany oh rabba on ptv

What is 'Tu dis koi de bon' when translated from French to English?

In English, "Tu dis koi de bon" translates to "What good news do you have?"

Why are koi so important to Japan?

Koi (the fish name, meaning carp) sounds like the word for "fancy" or "love". In Japanese characters, Koi is "恋".

What is name of model in song koi shehri babu Remix?

Reshma Bombaywala

Three letter word for colorful carp?