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J.P. Morgan

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Q: Enourmously wealthy banker whose secret bailout of the federal government in 1895 aroused fierce public anger?
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Enormously wealthy banker whose secret bailout of the federal government in 1895 aroused fierce public anger?

J. P. Morgan

What industry received a bailout from the federal government in the 1980s?

Savings and loan banks

What macroeconomic issue have been in the news lately?

1. The talk of raising the minimum wage. 2. The corporate bailout by the Federal Government. 3. The development of a Consumer Financial Protection Agency.

Is bank America federal funded?

You mean Bank of America? No, it a privately held corporation, although they did get bailout money in 2009 (not sure if that's what you meant by "federal[ly] funded"). The only bank operated by the government is the Federal Reserve.

What is the Congressional federal bailout program?

Federal government bailout plans of major corporations are just?

A very good question. Not an easy one to answer. Many legislators voted against the 700 billion bailout on the basis that it was not the purpose of government. President Bush stated that ordinarily, it would be his policy just to let corporations fail than to bailout them out. However, he supported the bailout plan on the basis that to do nothing could put the country in a long term depression. I suggest that those who wish to express their opinion use the "discuss" option, rather than continue to add to this answer.

Who is on the government bailout?

Only the big boys are getting bailed out - Banks with ties to the Federal Reserve and the Treasury, Investment banks, etc. See the related question on Congressional oversight.

Enormously wealthy banker whose secret bailout of the federal?

Jay Cooke

Who created the federal bailout bill?

I think it is Henry Paulson the US Treasury secretary.

IS Valley Capital Bank Arizona part of federal bailout?

No, they have not received any TARP funds or any other Federal funds.

Will the 700 billion dollars for the bailout come from China?

The bailout did not get through Congress, but no, the money would come from the US taxpayers. Update: The bailout did pass, and the money is coming from the Treasury and Federal Reserve. This could be argued to suggest the money is coming from the taxpayers.

Did the 200 Federal bailout work?

The bailout process has begun. We have not yet seen the end results of the bailout. We may start seeing them very soon. It is too early to comment on whether it worked or not. We can expect some results in the next one or two quarters.