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hoy1 gamitin din ang utak minsan noh? :D

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Q: Enumerate tha branches of physics and differentiate each?
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Define each branches of physics?

i donjt no

GIVE Example situation of each branches of physics?

give a situation that best apply each branch of physics

What are branches of science give the meaning of each branches?

astronomy biology geology physics chimistry

What are the branches of physics describe each?

Answer is:physical geographyhuman geographythanks for visiting...

What are the different branches of science and what do they each focus on?

Biology is essentially the study of living things. It is split into several different types:Botany: The study of plants.Zoology: The study of animals.Anatomy and physiology: Study of the human body and how it is put together and how it works.Microbiology: The study of the microscopic world.There are many, many more.

Enumerate the parts and functions of compound microscope?

enumerate thedifferent parts of a compound microscope write and function of each

What are the branches of science.describe each one?

I know a few of the basic ones, like Chemistry and Physics and the like, but if you want most of them in detail.

What are the different branches of physics and the scope of each?

There are several different branches of physics. Some of the more popular right now are astro and space physics (study of stars, planets, black holes, etc.), geophysics (study of things like earthquakes and plate tectonics), nuclear physics, particle physics, optics and electromagnetism, medical physics, biophysics, and quantum physics, which is mostly theoretical. Since they are very in depth and probably too much to get into in a forum like this, I suggest Googling the branches mentioned above or visiting the website of a physics research university to get a better idea. If you are thinking of studying physics in a university setting, you must also be prepared to handle the advanced math that will accompany especially in geo and trigo..

What are the parts of notepad and enumerate the functions of each part?


Enumerate the different countries of each Region of Asia?

i don't know the answer OK !!

What are the branches of biophysics?

The three branches of physical science is astronomy, physics and chemistry. Astronomy is the study of the universe, physics is the study of matter, energy and the interactions between them and chemistry is science that deals with reactions, properties, structure of matter and composition.

Enumerate the steps involve in processing operation and describe each?

step 1 - villoria is han