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average velocity = displacement divided by time take. so

average velocity = displacement/time taken.

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What is the mathematical equation of velocity?

The averagevelocity v of an object moving through a displacement during a time interval is described by the formula:

What is the formula for calculating displacement in which initial velocity and time are the variables?

If the velocity is constant, thenDisplacement = (initial velocity) multiplied by (time)

Can there be zero displacement and nonzero average velocity?

It is not possible because the average velocity is equal to the displacement in a given time interval, ie: V = (displacement) / (time interval) As the zero displacement average speed will also be zero.

What is the Instantaneous velocity?

Instantaneous velocity is the velocity in difference displacement in shortest time or specific time interval.

What is the equation for resultant velocity?


What equals to the constant velocity needed to cover the given displacement in a given time interval?

The required velocity is the given displacement/the given time intervalin the direction from the starting point to the end point.

What is the velocity equation?

velocity = displacement / timeorv = d/t

Displacement divided by time?

as defined by the physics equation velocity = displacement/ time

When calculating acceleration to find the change in velocity you subtract the what velocity from the final velocity?

You subtract the initial velocity from the final velocity and divide by the time interval.

What is the velocity vector equation?

You have to solve Newton's equation ΣF=ma in order to find the velocity and displacement vectors.

What is the definition of average velocity?

average velocity means change in displacement and time interval ratio is called as average velocity average velocity what is the velocity at particular instant of time

What equation can be used to find velocity when you have displacement?

v = Δdt / Δt Average velocity = Total displacement / time If you want to be more specific: v = ds/dt Instantaneous velocity = derivative of displacement with regard to time

Find the displacement of a particle?

Generally, you just integrate the equation for velocity.

What are the difference of instantaneous velocity and average velocity?

Average velocity in a direction is calculated as the displacement in that direction divided by the total time taken. As the time interval is reduced, the displacement over that period also reduces and the limiting value of that ratio is the instantaneous velocity.

What is the 4th equation of motion?

displacement = (final velocity square + initial velocity sq. )/ 2 * acceleration

What is non uniform velocity?

when a body travels unequal displacement in equal interval of time or visa-versa, it is said to have non-uniform velocity

When a body has uniform velocity?

A body has uniform velocity if it covers equal displacement in equal intervals of time however short the interval may be.

If the average velocity of a duck is zero in a given time interval what can you say about the discplacement of the duck for that interval?

If the average velocity of a duck is zero in a given time interval, it can be said that the displacement of the duck is also zero. The duck did not leave its original position.

Why is the area under a velocity time graph equal to displacement?

Velocity is calculated as displacement divided by time. V = d/t. When this figure is multiplied by time, the time in this formula is 'cancelled out', leaving only the displacement. Consider the equation below: d/t x t/1 = d There is a time figure on the top of one fraction, and the bottom of the other. These cancel each other out, leaving the displacement. In calculating the area under the curve, the velocity is multiplied by the time figure, giving a displacement figure.

What is the equation of displacement?

s=ut+½at² s: displacement u: initial velocity t: time a: acceleration due to gravity

Which equation of motion is a linear equation?

S = v*t s = displacement v = velocity t = time

What is the formula for calculating displacement in which acceleration initial velocity and time are the variables?

If s = displacement, u = initial velocity, a = acceleration, t = time. Then s = ut + 1/2at2 Be careful to keep units consistent

If the average velocity of an object is zero in some time interval what can you say about the displacement of the object for that interval?

the displacement is zero.Note that distance travelled would not be zero though. as velocity doesn't signify anything abt distance travelled.speed will give you what distance you travelled.Since average velocity is zero, some component is negetive some positive or no movement at all. whichever case may be, the displacement will be zero.

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