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appropriate chemical equation for the combustion of candle?

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Q: Equation for the combustion reaction of a candle?
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Which equation represents a combustion reaction?

A combustion reaction is a reaction that burns. The equation that represents a combustion reaction is CH4 + 2O2 reacts to yield CO2 + 2H2O.

What is the chemical property of a candle?

A candle uses a combustion reaction to release heat and gas.

What chemicals reaction producing heat in candle combustion?

The materials of the candle as waxes, paraffin.

Is a candle-burning a combinaion decomposition or replacement reaction?

Neither. It is a combustion reaction.

How do you know that the burning of candle of wax is an exothermic change?

An exothermic reaction involves the release of heat into a system. The burning of a candle is combustion reaction. Combustion reaction release heat, and this can be detected and measured by the burning of a candle's wax. From these testable observations it is determined fact that candle burning is indeed exothermic.

When a candle burns in air which chemical reaction takes place?


When a candle burns it gives off carbon dioxide and?

WATER! H2O it is a combustion reaction and every combustion reaction produces carbon dioxide and water

What combustion reaction does ch4 2o2 co2 2h2o heat make?


What does candle need from air to burn?

A candle requires oxygen (O2) to continue its combustion reaction and produce CO2 and H2O.

What is the word equation for the reaction between Fuel and Oxygen?


What is the balanced equation for the complete combustion of helium?

helium is chemically inert and doesn't undergo combustion reaction

This chemical equation is an example of which kind of a reaction?

single replacement