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You need to have will power. lots of things happen that are wrong or unhealthy. like alcohol and drug abuse. that is all i know because, quite frankly, I'm just 13. id don't know anything about colleague

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Q: Essential things to know and bring to college?
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College, college, college! I heard you think about all the homework and things about college. I know sometimes collage could be dumb, but college is cool for me and lots of my friends. College is fun - it has all the fun and cool things that you could do.

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Please rewrite. We can not know the war you are asking about. Your question needs to be more specific.

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Let the interviewee know more about you. Explain some of the things that you know how to do and how you will be an asset.

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i do not know but i think it is not essential for life

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Essential means we don't know what causes it. Period!

Could thoughts of college bring on a panic attack?

Yes,The stress of college can bring on a panic attack. I know I have been there. Just remember to take it one day at time. Breath and relax. You will be just fine in college. It also may help to talk with someone. Not sure if you want to take medication for these out bursts because they can make you tired. And being in college the last thing you want to do is to fall asleep in class!

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