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The Pyrenees Mountains are located between France and Spain.

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Which are the European countries with the most mountain ranges?

Spain and France

What mountain range forms a barrier between France and the rest of Europe?

No mountain range could be said to do that. France is separated from Spain by the Pyrenees, and from Italy by the Alps and from Switzerland by the Juras. France has borders with other European countries where mountain ranges do not form a barrier, like between France and Belgium.

The Pyrenees Mountain separate what two European countries?

The Pyrenees are the border between Spain and France.Andorra is also in the Pyrenees and borders both Spain and France.France and Spain

What is the mountain chain between the countries Spain and France?


Which two European countries have populations between 59 and 60 million?

Which two European countries have populations between 59 and 60 million?

What European countries have fashion shows?

Germany, france, and every one in between.

How do you travel by train in France?

There's no significant difference between train travel in France and train travel in other European countries.

The Pyrenees mountain form the border between what countries?

The Pyrenees Mountains form the border between Spain, France, and Andorra.

What are three countries that are in the European Union?

Three countries in the European Union are France, Germany, and Italy.

Is France in Switzerland?

No, both France and Switzerland are European countries, France is not in Switzerland.

What was a common issue in wars between Britain and France in the 1700s?

which rulers would lead European countries.

What are the most popular European countries?

The most populated European countries areRussiaGermanyFranceUnited KingdomItalyThe most visited European countries areFranceSpainItalyUnited KingdomGermany

What European countries are known for sunflowers?


What European countries colonized Vietnam?


What is the 5 biggest country in Europe?

The five largest European countries by area are...Russia *Kazakhstan *Turkey *FranceUkraineThe five largest European countries by population are...Russia *GermanyTurkey *FranceUnited Kingdom* These countries straddle the border between Europe and Asia.

Which mountain range forms a barrier between two countries?

Most mountain ranges for a barrier between two or more countries and those ranges are too numerous to list. One example is the Pyrenees, forming the boundary between France and Spain.

What is the highest European mountain?

Mt Blanc in France 4820m.

Wich European countries have dependencies in the west indies?

the European countries which have dependents in the Caribbean are England, France and the Netherlands.

Who do France trade with?

France trades with other European countries including Canada.

What are the countries separated by the Pyrenees mountain?

France Spain

What country is France and Spain in?

They are both European countries.

What European countries have ruled Lebanon and Jordan?


What European countries were at war in 1812?

Britan and France

3 European countries that controlled African countries?

France , Spain , UK

What is the biggest mountain in France called?

The biggest mountain in France is called the "Mont Blanc" (the White Mount) which tops 4810 metres (15780 feet) in the Alps mountain range. Its summit is also shared by Italy, as it is located on the border between the two countries.

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