Evaporation occurs when?

Updated: 9/25/2023
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a liquid changes to a gas

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Q: Evaporation occurs when?
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The process of cools the oceans?

evaporation occurs

3 examples of evaporation?

Evaporation refers to the process of becoming vapor. Evaporation occurs when the sun heats up the earth surface. Evaporation also occurs when water is heated in a cooking vessel.

What process occurs during distillation?

condensation then evaporation

Most evaporation occurs during what hours?

The most evaporation occurs at the highest heat and lowest pressure.

Evaporation occurs when two fronts of widely different moisture levels meet?

Evaporation occurs at different temperatures for different substances. Evaporation is just the change of state of matter from liquid to gaseous.

Does evaporation speed up as the temperature increases?

Yes, that is how evaporation occurs: when water is heated.

Why is it that the larger the surface area the higher the evaporation?

That's because evaporation occurs at the surface.

What occurs at the boiling point of water?

Evaporation .

Does evaporation occurs at the surface of a liquid?


What is the relationship between temperature and evaporation?

The higher the temp, the higher the evaporation rate.

Where on earth does evaporation occurs?

it occurs in warm ocean areas near the equator

What is the name of the process that changes a substance from a liquid to a gas at a temperature below the substances boiling point?

This is called evaporation. It is different from boiling because it only occurs at the top layer of molecules of the liquid, while the latter occurs in the whole body of the liquid.