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Q: Every acute has a complement and supplement?
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Is it possible for an acute angle to have both a complement and a supplement?

yes complement is 90-angle and supplement 180-angle

What is the complement of the supplement of 80?

The question asks for the complement of (the supplement of (80 degrees) ). We have to find the supplement of 80 first, and then find the complement of the supplement. The supplement of an angle is (180 - the angle). The complement of an angle is (90 - the angle). The supplement of 80 degrees is (180 - 80) = 100 degrees. The complement of that supplement is (90 - 100) = -10 degrees.

If an angle is acute then is the compliment bigger than supplament?

No.If an angle is acute, it is less than 90 degrees.Its complement is the number of degrees needed to total 90.Its supplement is the number if degrees needed to total 180, which is 90 more than its complement.

What is the complement and supplement of a 68 degree angle?

Complement: 22 Supplement: 112

How do you find the complement and supplement of angle y?

90 -y = complement 180 - y = supplement

Is the complement of an acute angle an acute angle?

A complement of an acute angle must be an acute angle. An acute angle is an angle whose measure is more than 0 degrees but less than 90 degrees. For example, even if the angle was the minimum 1 degree, the complement is still 89 degrees, which is still acute. Therefore, any combination of a complement of an acute angle MUST be acute.

What is 23.5 complement and supplement?

complement: 90-23.5 = 66.5 degrees supplement: 180-23.5 = 156.5 degrees

What is 67 complement and supplement?

complement: 90-67 = 23 degrees supplement = 180-67 = 113 degrees

What is complement and supplement of 64 degrees?

Complement: 90-64 = 26 degrees Supplement: 180-64 = 116 degrees

Complement and supplement of 44 degrees?

Complement=ads up to 90o=46o Supplement=adds up to 180o=136o

What is the complement and supplement to the angle that measures 49 degress?

complement 90degrees-49 = 41degrees supplement 90degrees-49 = 131degrees

What rhymes with complement?

implement, supplement