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Probably wants to know what you are up to. He could still care about you but does not want you back

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Q: Ex Boyfriend added me on facebook and is in a relationship?
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How can you find your axe boyfriend?

You can find your ex boyfriend by using Facebook or Myspace.

How do you you get your ex girl back over facebook but she has a boyfriend?

You don't. She has a boyfriend. Move on.

If your boyfriend added his ex girlfriends boyfriend does that mean he is jealous?

That's possible. But there's a chance that he's friend with her boyfriend. If he isn't his friend, there's a possibility that the boyfriend still has feelings for the ex girlfriend and is being nosey about her new relationship

What if girl add his ex-boyfriend in Facebook?

Dont worry about it, seriously.

How do you get your boyfriend to post pictures of your on his Facebook?

I gave him pictures of me and told him he could put them on his Facebook and he never did. He put pictures of his ex on his Facebook when they was dating. How come he put pictures of his ex on his Facebook but he didn't with me? I'm jealous of his ex because of that.

How can you find your ex boyfriend?

You look up where he lives, then you find him and slap him for braking up with you!! You can find your ex boyfriend by using Facebook or Myspace.

What are the chances of your ex boyfriend using Facebook to check up on you?

The chances of your ex boyfriend checking up on your actions on Facebook are high as it is a way to track certain people. If you want to talk to someone in private then text them and take it off Facebook.

Should I talk to my daughters ex-boyfriend to help their relationship?


How do you improve your relationship with your boyfriend?

better BJ's and hotter $ex

What should you do if you have deleted your ex boyfriend on facebook but now you regret it?

get the hell over it

What does it mean if you dream about your ex boyfriend ending his current relationship?

This might be a wish-fulfillment dream, particularly if the dreamer wants to re-establish a relationship with the ex boyfriend. The dream expresses the dreamer's emotions and provides no information about the ex boyfriend's feelings.

What does the word 'ex' mean in a relationship?

When you date someone and have a relationship and your boyfriend or girlfriend breaks up with you then that makes them your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend. 'Ex' means the relationship is over. When a couple gets married and then divorced it because 'ex husband' or 'ex wife' meaning there is either a separation and divorce and that person is no longer in your life.

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