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2012-08-18 22:42:22
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Q: Example of a URL Tumblr address?
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What is an example of a URL in Tumblr?

A URL in tumblr is www.(insert URL here) URLs can hint towards others what your blog is about, something about yourself or it can be completely random. My Tumblr URL for instance, is

How do you get your Tumblr back if you forgot your email address but you remember the password and your Tumblr URL?

send them a message at and then give them the url and password

What s a URL in Tumblr?

a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) is basically like a web address used on the www.

What does URL mean on Tumblr?

I'ts the web address that your page will be at. It means what you, or people, type in to get to your Tumblr page in the search bar :)

What is url mean in Tumblr?

thats whats up in the address bar. if you honestly didnt know this you probably aren't old enough for a tumblr.

What do you type in the for the url when registering for Tumblr?

All you have to do is type in what you would like your Tumblr URL to be called, for example: "" By the way, that's not a real tumblr! I just made it up! When creating your URL, make sure it's not too long. Hope that helped! Enjoy Blogging! :)

What Is Kendall Jenner's Tumblr url?

she does nothave a tumblr

What url for Tumblr?

You what. :'U

What is Harry Styles's Tumblr url?

He hasn't got a tumblr...

What are Tumblr URL ideas?

How do you make URL for Tumblr?

When you sign up for tumblr, it automatically asks you to make a URL. If you would like to change your URL, go to Customize -> Info -> URL. You can change it to whatever you please from there.

How do you change Tumblr. URL?

Customize>Info>URL Delete that and write the URL you want.

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