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There are different kinds of depressants. Alcohol can be used as a depressant, as well as benzo type drugs and barbiturates.

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Q: Example of depressants drugs
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Related questions

Group of Drugs that slow down the body's functions?

These types of drugs are called depressants. An example of a weak depressant is alcohol.

Depressants are drugs that are used to fight depression?

no, that would be ANTI-depressants....

What type of drugs can slow down the central nervous system?

Drugs which slow down the central nervous system are called depressants. Alcohol is a familiar example.

What drugs generally slow down the activity of the central nervous system?

Depressants. An example of a depressant would be alcohol.

Which group of drugs does alcohol belong to?

Depressants if you're talking about depressants or stimulants

What class of drugs slow down the CNS?

Depressants: drugs that depress or slow down the central nervous system and all body systems. Alcohol, Valium, Librium, etc... are depressants.

What drugs do people take of depression?


What classification of drugs do barbiturates and benzodiazepines belong to?


What are the 3 types of drugs?

Depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens

Drugs that slow down the activity of the central nervous system are called what?

Depressants/ central nervous system depressants/ "downers"

What do depressants and drugs have in common?

It is a drug, so to say, and people can get addicted to it, just like drugs.

What are central nervous system depressants?

Central nervous system (CNS) depressants are drugs that can be used to slow down brain activity.

What drugs worsen depression?

depressants. Sleep medications alcohol

Want are the names of classes of drugs?

hallucinogen's, depressants and stimulants

Drugs to reduce sexual desire?

Most anti-depressants.

What class of psychoactive drugs slows brain and body?


What is depressants drugs?

Depressants are drugs that decrease the nervous system's activity. The nervous system uses many types of molecules, called neurotransmitters, to send signals back and forth throughout the body. Most drugs that are depressants exert their effects by increasing the activity of a neurotransmitter called GABA, short for gamma-aminobutyric acid. Some depressants are used clinically to treat anxiety disorders and insomnia. and contrary to popular beliefs Marijuana is a Cannabinoid not a depressant

What groups of drugs have the opposite effect on the brain hallucinogens and stimulants opiates and sedatives stimulants and depressants depressants and opiates Why?

Stimulants and depressants have opposite effects on the brain. Stimulants activate the central nervous system, while depressants (as their name implies) depress it.

What are the different kinds of chemical or medicinal depressants?

There are different kinds of depressants. Alcohol can be used as a depressant, as well as benzo type drugs and barbiturates.

What types of drugs slow down the Central Nervous System?


What group of drugs does alcohol come from?

alcohol is under the category of depressants

What is a depresant?

Some drugs are depressants which means that they slow down our reactions.

What are the three major classifications of psychoactive drugs?

Stimulants, Depressants, and Hallucinogens.

Which drugs should not be taken with St. John's Wort?


To which category of drugs does cocaine belong?

Stimulants depressants hallucinogens