Examples of Anthropomorphism

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The dog in bathoven was playing Basketball and wearing sneakers.

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Q: Examples of Anthropomorphism
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In the book The Call of the Wild what were some examples of anthropomorphism?


What is it called when you describe an object as a person?


What part of speech is anthropomorphism?

The word anthropomorphism is a noun. The plural is anthropomorphisms.

Anthropomorphism in a sentence?

Anthropomorphism is the giving of human-like qualities to non-human things.

What are the ratings and certificates for Anthropomorphism - 2011?

Anthropomorphism - 2011 is rated/received certificates of: USA:GP

What is a comparison that gives human qualities to something that is not human?

The term for assigning human attributes is anthropomorphism. Examples are fables and animal cartoons.

What is the synonym of anthropomorphism?


What rhymes with anthropomorphism?

Not all English words have an exact rhyme, and this is one of them: nothing rhymes with this "anthropomorphism."

What is a good sentence including the word anthropomorphism?

"Some people show a great interest in drwaing and wirting about animals that exibit anthropomorphism.""Many Egyptian gods had traits of animals, but still had anthropomorphism.""Humans are one of a few animals that have natural anthropomorphism."Does those help?

What is the opposite of anthropomorphism?

The opposite of anthropomorphism is attributing nonhuman characteristics to humans. William Stafford, in an unpublished poem called "Possibility," practices the opposite of anthropomorphism in these phrases: "my gull thoughts" and "your ocean surge."

What is the Opposite of metaphor?

anthropomorphism (No it's not)

What are the release dates for Anthropomorphism - 2011?

Anthropomorphism - 2011 was released on: USA: August 2011 (Asian American Film Festival)

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