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Examples of a classification analogy?

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mouse - mammal as robin is to bird

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Examples of analogy reasoning?

examples of analogical reasoning

What are some examples of irony analogy and oxymoron in Literature?

what analogy does the cartoonist make why

What are some examples of false analogy in animal farm?

The whole thing is a false analogy.

What are the two kinds of analogy?

Opposites Analogies and Object and Classification Analogies

Examples of analogy paragraph?

An analogy paragraph would be a paragraph where you spend the entire time describing an analogy of something. An analogy refers to when you describe one situation and how it can relate to another.

Examples of an animal cell analogy?

Plz jelp

Who designed the DRAPES for language arts?

examples of analogy

What is an example sentence using analogy?

These are some good examples of sentenced analogy examples: Person is to president like planet is to galaxy. Walk is to run as noise is to silence.

What are examples of classification?

Classification is where ideas and objects are recognized. This is can be found in a library.

What are th5 examples of classification of technologye 3 classification and technology?


Some examples of analogy?

An analogy is when you compare an idea or thing to something different from it. An example is comparing a person to nails on a chalkboard.

Give examples of analogy related to candy?

You are sweet as candy

Give three examples of classification of technology?

the three examples of classification of technology ! are biotechnology , gmo (genetically modified organisms ) and bioremediation ...

Give 5 examples of analogy in paragraph form?

An analogy is a comparison of two things based on their structure. It is used for clarification and explanation purposes.

Hard analogy examples?

Hello. I like cake Hello. I like cake

Classification examples in grade six science?


Examples of classification of word association?

examples of classification of word associations : animal (four legged beast) lion, elephant stringed musical instruments -- guitar, violin

Examples of part or whole in analogy?

fingers - hand as toes - foot foot-toes

Examples of Cause and Effect analogy?

Staying up too late:tired the next day

Cell analogy examples?

I guess just do a city or a mall. A school works too!

What are the examples of analogy patterns?

opposites,synonyms user/tool so on..........

Can you give me an example about analogy essay?

An example of an analogy essay is "The Similarities of God and Air". More examples are available at the official website of Luzerne County Community College.

Classification of vowels and examples?

classification of opposite vovels

Examples of 3 classification of technology?

Machine,Product and Purpose

Are there any examples of analogy in a rose for Emily by William Faulkner?

"having something in one's pocket,"