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November 30, 2010

Mr. Eduardo Ang

Gateway Mall

HRD Manager

E. Rodriguez, Cubao, Quezon City



May I have the honor to apply as a sales clerk in your prestigious company as commensurate to my qualification.

I am Janilo B. Sarmiento, single, 18 years of age, in excellent health and a resident of La Paz, Carmen, Bohol. I am a freshmen college student taking up Bachelor of Elementary Education at Bohol Island State University-Bilar. I can assure that I am diligent and flexible person and desirous to work in every endeavor. I can guarantee that I would be an asset to your firm if given the opportunity.

Attached herewith is my curriculum vitae that outline my qualifications for further evaluation. Hope this application values your interest. I would be gladly accepting the offered challenge with proper care.

With much gratitude, I wish to convey my heartfelt thanks for the attention you may give this application.

I would be willing to be interviewed at your convenience and you can reach me through this mobile number 09484197787.

Very Respectfully Yours,


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example application letter for a teacher

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Q: Examples of application letter
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angry birds

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