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Q: Examples of general properties of matter?
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Examples of general properties of matter and pictures?

general properties of matter

What are some of the characteristics of matter?

Examples of the characteristics of matter: state of matter, density, radioactivity, thermal properties, electrical properties, optical properties, chemical composition, etc.

What are examples physical proprieties of matter?

Its all about matter: we are surrounded by the matter on every moment of life, any thing that we use in our daily life is matter. A matter can me your tooth brush, bed,car each and every thing is matter. a subject that keeps some space on earth is called matter. a matter has some physical and chemical properties, Physical properties of matter are listed below. 1. Extensive properties of matter Mass , volume, length, shape 2. Intensive properties of matter color, density, boiling point, melting point

What makes one kind of matter different from another?

Examples:- the state of matter- the chemical composition- the chemical properties- the physical properties

Differentiate general from specific properties of matter?

and so

What are some examples of general properies of matter?

what are some matter

What are 2 physical properties of matter?

In general, matter is any object that has mass and volume.

Characteristics that describe how all matter is the same is called?

General Properties

What are the 4 general properties of matter?

solid, liquid, gas, and plasma

Why mass volume density are considered as general properties of matter?

because because !!

Boiling points and freezing point are examples of?

These are examples of physical properties. They are NOT chemical properties!

What are 3 general properties of matter?

Mass, volume, and density