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the height of a man is 6 feet tall

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Q: Examples of objective description sentence
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What are the examples of description sentence?

"I AM SORRY" IS a descaription.

What is the Organizational objective of inventory system?

Organizational objective is predetermined, which activities are aimed. Description of organizational objective is general and qualitative. For examples: To earn a profit of 24% in 2011.

Is a sign objective?

Yes, a sign is objective. Examples are fever or proteinuria. A symptom is subjective. Examples are pain or stiffness.

Can you start the sentence with objective pronoun?

Yes you can; it would be an odd way to express something but can be grammatically correct. Examples: Him; he is the one I was telling you about. Them, the books on the second shelf. Of course the pronouns 'you' and 'it' are both subjective and objective: You can have it. It was made for you.

Which is a type of the subjective case?

The subjective case means a pronoun that is used as the subject of a sentence or clause. Some pronouns are subjective pronouns only, some pronouns are objective pronouns only, and some can be used as a subject or an object.Some examples of subjective pronouns are I, we, he, she, and they.Some examples of objective pronouns are me, us, him, her, and them.Some pronouns that can be used as the subject or the object of a sentence or phrase are you and it.

Can you give a sentence using objective?

Please clarify your objective with an example.

What are examples of objective data?

Some examples of objective data are eleveated temperature, bloop pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate...

What is the name of a narrowed objective description associated with a quantity?


What tells who or what the sentence is talking about?

The objective

What are some examples object pronouns?

Examples of objective prounouns are me, him, her, us, them, whom

What component of effective feedback is demonstrated when you tell what the feedback will be about in the first sentence?

not objective

What a description sentence?

a descriptive sentence is a sentence that describes something in one sentence