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most multiports on sand filters have the following settings

* Filter Runs the pools water from your pump through the filter media then back into the pool. this is the setting that is nearly always used.

* Backwash Runs pool water from your pump over the filter media and out to waste. This removes dirt that has been collected during filtration. A backwash is required when your pressure rises about 10 pounds over the normal pressure. Most sand filters have a clear bubble situated near the multi port where you can see the water running to waste, watch it and you will see that the water is dirty at first run the backwash until it clears then stop the pump. * Rinse Runs pool water from pool through the filter to waste further rinsing the top of the filter media. this should always be done after backwashing to stop cloudy water returning back into the pool * Re-circulate Simply keeps the water circulating from the pool through the pump and back into the pool. It does not put the water through the filter, stops the water from stagnating but still puts it through the static skimmer.

* Winter/Closed shuts all the ports and is used when the pool is winterized shut down or to stop water from passing through the valve.

* Waste Runs Pool water directly to waste without running it through the filter. This setting if manually vacuuming the pool and the dirt load is too high for the filter to handle. It is also the setting that is used for hand vacuuming when removing settled contaminant and flocculate after flocculating the pool. Never keep the pump running when changing the setting on the multi port as it will cause it to be damaged.

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Q: Explain filter backwash bypass with swimming pools?
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What quantity of water is wasted during a swimming pool filter backwash?

29 gallons

Where is the backwash knob located on the swimming pool pump?

The "backwash knob" - usually called the handle - is located on top of the filter or just to the side of the filter on a sand filter. They could be on the very bottom of the filter or to one side of the filter but never on the pump. The filter is the large tank.

Your swimming pool in filter position but is still aloowing water to backwash from pool?

You may have to check the seals in the multyport on top of the sand filter.

Do you need to bring pool pump and filter indoors?

No , if you have a D.E. filter instead of an older cartridge filter than the D.E. can get pretty messy if when you filter clean , and if you have a backwash when you backwash .

What setting should you have your pool on for normal operation?

If you're talking about your pool filter, it should be set to filter or run. Use the bypass or recirculate setting if you wish to circulate the water without having the water pass through the filter. Use the backwash setting to clean the filter.

How do you calculate the required pool filter backwash rate in gallons per minute and backwash volume in gallons?

how do i calculate the volumn of backwash in a pool

When sand filter set on filter water leaks out backwash hose?

It sounds like either your valve is not set completely to "filter" or your valve's seals are degrading. If the valve is completely set to "filter", then either replace the valve, or plug the end of the backwash hose.Here's a good place to look for new backwash filters:

Which valve lowers swimming pool pressure?

You can not measure the pressure in a swimming pool. If you mean the pressure on the filter tank gage then you may have to backwash the filter. Talk to your local pool store for instructions as how to maintain a swimming pool and the equipment. Get some education on swimming pool maint. before you get into some real trouble. A pool is not too forgiving for someone without a basic knowledge of pools.

Do you backwash your pool before you put chemicals in?

No you only backwash your pool when your filter pressure on your filter is high 30psi and above on most pools. If you backwash your pool be sure to add two scoops of de to your skimmer. If the presure is still high the u need to clean the filter

What kind of in-ground swimming pool maintenance is needed over winter in cold climates?

To winterize your inground swimming pool, first backwash the filter, and then disconnect the pump. Purchase winterizing chemicals for the pool water, and be sure to use a pool cover.

How do you backwash cartidge filter?

Take the cartridge out and hose it off

Why Backwash a pool?

All swimming pools with a pump and filter should have a back wash system. You must back wash your swimming pool filter when indicated by the pressure gauge on your filter. ANSWER 2:: Cartridge filters have no means to back wash. These filters must be broken down and cleaned manually. K