Explain how a liquid thermometer measures temperature?


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OK basically depending on what thermometer. the glass tube is filled with either alcohol or Mercury. and when it gets hotter, the liquid expands and takes up more space inside the tube. and colder.......the liquid compacts and moves down the tube.....and it's taken years to calabrate the markings on the tube to show the correct reading.

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A deformation thermometer measures temperature by the mercury or alcohol in the thermometer being touched by heat. The cold makes the liquid in the thermometer retract, and heat makes it rise or expand.

A thermometer will measure the temperature of a liquid.

A thermometer measures temperature by using the liquid inside of the thermometer. It measures temperature by Celsius and Fahrenheit.

A liquid thermometer measures lowest temperature while air thermometer measures lowest temperature of the day!! Hope this helps

liquid thermometer measures the lowest temperature while air thermometer measures the lowest temperature of the day. liquid uses liquid and air uses air.

The thermometer works by measuring the temperature of the air or liquid around it. The substance being tested will heat or cool down the liquid in the thermometer to the temperature that it is.

They are both have diffrnet skills like one measures air and one measures liquid

A liquid thermometer actually measures the thermal expansion of the liquid (mercury).

A thermometer is used to measure air temperature, or the temperature within a solid or liquid.

to get the thermometer at room temperature.

A liquid in glass thermometer should be used to measure the temperature of a liquid.

You put a thermometer in it, for at least a minute, and then read the thermometer with the bulb still in the liquid.

fever thermometer is used by the doctors and they are adjusted to body temperature whereas lab thermometer is adjusted to liquid temperature

A way you can measure temperature is using a liquid thermometer.

Hg is liquid at room temperature. If you take a look to a thermometer; there is mercury in the thermometer and it's liquid that's why it can go up.

The liquid expand from heat. We use these expansion to indicate temperature. Common thermometer liquid is Mercury and alcohol.

it is used in liquid form as in room temperature the mercury is in liquid

The liquid expands as its temperature increases. This is the same as saying that it occupies more space as temperature increases. Therefore it 'uses up' more of the space inside the thermometer as the temperature increases.

Most materials expand with the temperature increases. In this case, the liquid in the thermometer expands faster than the glass that holds it.

The wide temperature range at which it is a liquid.

Mercury (Hg) is a liquid metal at room temperature used in thermometers.

The contraction of a material depends on the temperature; the volume of alcohol decrease at low temperature.

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