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Air should show indications of its presence through the pressure it maintains on the inside of the organism, and its ease in contrasting to water allows one to hook up a vacuum pump to the orifices of an organism, begin sucking only the air out, and due to the decrease of the internal air pressure, a mechanical change will come over the structure of the organism, thus indicating that air had been removed from the organism.

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Q: Explain how you can show that air is inside things?
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How can you show that air is inside things?

by pointing and saying "there is air inside this thing"

Explain how a radiator quickly warms all the air in a room even though air is a poor thermal conductor?

IT is because warm air does out side and cooled air com inside

Explain how a hot air balloon is lifted from the ground?

In a nutshell, air rises and expands when heated. Through the use of a burner the balloon pilot heats up the air inside the envelope (the balloon itself), this air inside the envelope expands and rises, lifing the basket.

What two things happen to air inside the nose?

inside the nose, tiny hairs clean the air by catching dirt and other particles. the air also warms as it travels through the nose.

Explain why a tire or balloon expands when air is added?

The air particles are closer together creating more pressure inside a ballon or tired and makes it expand

What is air sack?

its many things. two of which are an empty sack of potatoes, and an organ inside a fish(aka air bladder)

How will you provide that the air has weight?

Take a large container, pump out all the air from inside it. Weigh it. Put air inside and then weigh it again. The difference would be the weight of the air inside. Air molecules have mass (air is "stuff") and things with mass have weight when in a gravitational field, such as on Earth. If air didn't have any weight, we wouldn't even have an atmosphere.

Where is the inside air filter in the 1992 Camry?

This website will explain and walk you through it.

Explain what happens inside the ball when you pump a flat basketball?

The inside of the ball becomes filled with the air you pump in, thus inflating the ball and turning it from a flat ball to a round one.

How do you make an experiment to show that air occupies space?

The easiest way to demonstrate the volume of air is with a balloon. When it is inflated, the air inside is occupying space. Deflate the balloon - it shrinks in the absence of air.

What causes my 1999 expedition air conditioning to blows warm air?

If the heat is on that would explain it. But if you are running the air conditioning, the compressor is on and fully charged with r134 it is probably the air mix door inside the heater stuck in heat mode.

Does air have mass explain?

Yes, because it is a large body of air with similar properties all through it.