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The independent variable is the variable that is manipulated. This affects the dependent variable and the results of the experiment.

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Explain different types of variable?


Where are the dependent and independent variables located on a graph explain with example?

The independent variable (such as time) is places on the x-axis of a graph. Always place the things that will never change on the x-axis. The dependent variable is then placed on the y-axis. The difference between the independent and dependent variable is that the independent variable in an experient does not change it is what stays constent, it is what is used to measure the dependent variable. On the other hand the dependent variable is what the experiment is testing for and what depends on the independent variable.

What are the Difference between endogenous and exogenous variables?

Endogenous variables are important in econometrics and economic modeling because they show whether a variable causes a particular effect. Economists employ causal modeling to explain outcomes (dependent variables) based on a variety of factors (independent variables), and to determine to which extent a result can be attributed to an endogenous or exogenous cause.

Can you explain a independent variable?

Independent variables do not depend on any other. Like when you count something with time, the time is independent. If you measure the elevation of a road with distance, the distance is independent.

Can you explain independent variable?

In a scientific experiment there are different variables. Variables being the factors that you can alter to obtain your results. The independent variable is the factor that you directly alter and the dependent variable is the one that is affected by this. E.g. You pull a cart over 1m and measure the time taken. The force you exert is the independent variable as you are controlling it and time is the dependent variable because it is the variable that is affected by the force you exert. Like if you pulled it really hard the time taken would be really short, and if you pulled it gently the time taken would be really long, etc.

Explain why density is a size - independent property how does it differ from a size-dependent property?

Size independent property is physical properties that do not change when an object changes. Size dependent is physical properties that change when the size of an object changes.

How you can run multiple regression analysis with more than 4 independent variables through spss?

The answer may be obtained from the SPSS manual. It is not realistic to try to explain it here.

Explain Why is time an independent variable and position is a dependent variable in a position versus time graph?

Time is an independent variable because it is affected only by when you decide to stop to read its position (not affected by the position). However, time is a dependent variable since the time you record it affects its result. In simpler terms, independent variable is something you can change to alter the dependent variable. You can change the time (0s to 15s etc.) but you cannot change the position.

What is dependent variable mean in science?

responding variablethe persond who wrote this | that is a terribal answer (*No offence*) but we need you to explain^^ I'll improve. the Dependent is something that changes on its own during an experiment. the independent is something that changes by someone else changing it!E.G: if u were finding out the energy in crisps the dependent variable would be the temperature, and the independent would be the crisp! there you go, i once needed this answer as well! :D

Explain development as a dependent variable?

explain development, i need it for homework

How can descriptive and comparative methods explain research collections?

descriptive-comparative methods of research is a way where we can normally predict the significance and difference of the two variables.

Can an experiment that has several variables be used to explain theory?

Yes it can. Most experiments will have several variables.

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Explain the different types of constants n variables in C?

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Explain the difference between a constant and a coefficient?

A constant is just a number that remains same throughout, while a coefficient is one which is followed by one or more variables.

What are interfering variables?

An intervening variable is a hypothetical internal state that is used to explain relationships between observed variables

Explain how to determine whether a set of values in a table is independent or dependent variable.?

In general, it is not possible to tell from a table. The determination must come from considering the relationship between the two and sometimes even then it is not possible to tell. Sometimes pairs of variables are linked together in a feedback loop so that a change in one causes the other to change which, in turn, affects the first, and so on - for ever.

Explain why density and solubility are size-dependent physical properties of matter?

I am pretty sure it is Size- dependent....

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