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The product of two integers is found by multiplying them. Eg. the product of 5 and 3 is 15.

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Yes, because if you were to multiply -36 by 4 the answer is 108, I think.

Yes, the product of 2 integers are always an integers. ex. -2*3=-6

9240 is the product of the three consecutive integers 20, 21, and 22.

The product of two negative integers is positive as for example -4 times -5 = 20

It may be either. If any of the integers is zero, the product will be zero. Else, if one or three of the integers is negative, the product will be negative. Otherwise, it will be positive.

The "integers of 15" appear to be '1' and '5'. Their product is 5 .

The product of two consecutive integers is 132. Find the two integers. They are: 11*12 = 132

There must be three consecutive integers to guarantee that the product will be divisible by 6. For the "Product of three consecutive integers..." see the Related Question below.

Positive. The product of even numbers of negative integers is always positive, whereas the product of odd nummbers of negative integers is always negative.

There are no two consecutive integers whose product is 421 - the product of 20 and 21 is 420.

There is no set of two consecutive integers having a product of 14. Product means the result of multiplication.

the two consecutive positive integers whose product is 380 19 20

Finding the product of two integers with alternate signs will provide a negative result. Therefore, such that 5 x 7 = 35, -5 x 7 = -35.

If there is any zero in the set of integers, their product is zero.If there is an odd number of negative integers, then the product is negative, whereas if there is an even number of negative values, the product is positive.

Yes, the integers are 12 and 13.

There are no two consecutive integers, negative or positive, whose product is 440.

That is false. The product of two negative integers is always positive.