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Q: Explain two dangers associated with the inhalation of hair lighteners?
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What are the dangers associated with the inhalation of powder lighteners?

respiratory problems, asthma and allergies can be caused by inhaling powder lighteners.

What is the dangers of using neptunium?

Because neptunium is radioactive, ingestion or inhalation can cause cancers.

What are two dangers associated with nuclear fission?

Nuclear waste and high levels of radiation are two dangers associated with nuclear fission.

What are some of the dangers associated with snorting cocaine?

There are many dangers associated with snorting cocaine. Some of the most serious dangers include developing depression, paranoia, damage to the lungs and nose and in extreme cases death.

What are the dangers associated with a space shuttle takeoff?


What are the dangers of welding?

They include but are not limited to: burns, electrical shock, inhalation of harmful fumes, and UV damage to the skin and eyes.

Explain the oxygen cycle in nature and the dangers it faces?


What are some associated dangers with microwaves?

The big "C" ...Cancer

What are two dangers associated with tornadoes?

The two main dangers are collapsing structures and flying debris as a result of extreme winds.

Is lysol dangerous?

Lysol if not used correctly is dangerous because it poses inhalation dangers. If spilled on your skin it can cause irritation and it is even flammable.

What are the two dangers associated with thunderstorms?

The most common dangers associated with thunderstorms are lightning and flooding. Other possible hazards can include strong winds, large hail, low visibility, and tornadoes.

What are the risks and dangers associated with being a consultant?

For God's sake. A consultant of what????